Calling all Cross Stitcher penpals!


Have you met a good friend through the Cross Stitcher penpal page? Every month we get dozens of requests for penpals, but once we’ve printed them in the magazine that’s usually the last we hear. Now that’s all about to change – we want to hear about your penpal experiences! Perhaps you’ve started a round robin project with someone you met on the page, or struck up a friendship with a stitcher on the other side of the world. Let us know, and you might even see your name in print in the mag! Leave us a message here on the blog, or email us at

Mistake in Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft 153 free kit


We’ve discovered a slight mistake in the key for your free wardrobe kit with the June issue of Stitch&Craft. The key says that the cross stitch is in two strands, but all cross stitch should actually be done in one strand.

We’re very sorry for any problems this has caused – do let us know at if you’ve already started it in two strands!

Rhian Drinkwater, Production Editor, Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft


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The blog trend


I went on a training course last week all about blogs (just like the Cross Stitcher‘s)
and found out so much that I didn’t know. I thought they were quite a
recent trend but have actually been around since the early 1990′s!

A blog, or weblog, is a bit like a normal website but it has a more
personal edge – so it means it’s sort of like an online diary. But I
think the best thing about it is that readers of the blog can also have
their say by posting comments. You can even strike up conversations and

A plea from a Cross Stitcher reader

Yesterday we received a phone call from a reader desperate to get in contact with a designer she loves. Unable to help, we said we would ask Cross Stitcher blog users if they could shed any light on the matter…

“I’m trying to make contact with Elizabeth Anderson to try to purchase silk gauze in very fine 112 count.  I placed an order way back in February, but have not heard from Liz.  I have tried telephone, e-mail and letter to contact her (on numerous occasions) to no avail. 

I’m now desperate to hear from her as I am trying to commence a project commissioned by Hearing Dogs For Deaf People – creating a very limited edition of dolls house items featuring my micro embroidery. 

Prison cross stitchers


I always love researching and writing the stories in the club section each month as there are some really interesting stitchers out there with wonderful tales to tell. But this month I decided to look into something a bit different.

A few weeks ago I was flicking through a magazine and my attention was grabbed by a really stunning bold pattern cushion. The details by the side said it came from Fine Cell Work – a charity for stitchers in prison. Now my attention was really captured and I had to find out more!

Fine Cell Work is a really inspiring charity. It takes people – men included – that would otherwise spend their days with little purpose while they’re in prison and trains them up with a new skill – stitching!

Cross Stitcher issue 187


Cross Stitcher
issue 187 is on sale now!

The issue is packed with projects to get your creative juices flowing and give you inspiration at your fingertips!

Here are just some of the projects you’ll find…

xst187.cute.main.jpgStitch Andree Langhorn’s beautiful bear to give a soft feminine touch to any room

xst187.trad.jpg For a big project to tackle over the summer try Maria Diaz’s Seafarer’s Globe. It’ll take you around the world as you stitch!

xst187.pick.main.jpgIf you’re looking for quick gifts you can stitch in minutes Debbie Cripps has just the thing with these floral gifts embellished with buttons

Cross stitch forums


We recieved an email the other day asking why we didn’t have a Cross Stitcher forum with our website. There isn’t a real answer to the question, it’s just something we haven’t introduced yet!

This led me to question how many other people are wondering why we don’t have our own forum. Is there a big demand for it? Would you like to see a forum attached to this site or do you think there are already enough for stitchers to chat on?

I’ve never really taken part in a stitching forum before so I’d love to hear about your experiences of it and why you think so many people visit them.

Post your comments below

Sally, production editor


Family trees…


Here’s something to make you smile. It’s the new sampler from Just A Moment. The humourous Family Tree design contains a tongue in cheek message of ‘Family trees can bear a lot of nuts.’

Clare Bevan, the designer told us “I’m a massive Family History enthusiast – I’ve been doing this for around 15 years – and thoroughly bore the rest of my family with my hobby. There are cries of ‘Oh no, not dead people again!’ It’s not supposed to be an accurate genealogical chart – it’s just an amusing pastiche that I hope people will enjoy.

If you want to stitch this sampler for your wall it costs £24.95 and you can find it at


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Mistake on the free kit for issue 187

Just to let you know, there’s a small mistake on the key for the floral free kit with issue 187. The I symbol should read Light Straw and the n symbol should read Dark Straw. Sorry for any problems this may have caused!

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Showcase your work


A blog is a great place to show off your latest achievements and finished projects – I’ve just finished my Wee Hieland Coo, so look out for that coming to the blog soon. There are so many great blogs around that you can spend hours looking at.

But even if you don’t have your own blog you may still like to show your work off to fellow stitchers and crafters. I was thinking of all you when I got sent a press release a couple of days ago about the new Do Crafts members’ gallery.

It’s free to become a member but once you’ve joined you can showcase your own work and look at other people’s too. It’s a great way to get inspiration for your next project! Once you’ve finished something that’s taken you ages there’s nothing better than to show it to other people so they can share in your proud moment.

If you want to have a look to see what it’s all about go to