Charts vs kits – which wins?


We all know the scene, you go into your local craft shop and it’s like an eight year old being let loose in a sweet shop. There are pretty coloured threads, lovely fabrics and gorgeous designs lying everywhere, just asking to be bought. So naturally we do!

But then the problem comes as our ‘to do’ lists keep growing and we run not only out of time to stitch the projects but room to store them!

So is it better instead to buy charts as they take up less space and we can start to use up the threads we have lying around? Or do we get enough charts from cross stitch magazines that it’s a nice treat to buy a kit once in a while? What do you think?

Cross Stitcher issue 185

Issue 185 is on sale now!

Packed with exciting projects you won’t want to miss out. We’re flying to the skies with an adorable bear scene. With three bears flying to the sky on their balloons we’re sure you won’t be able to resist.

If you’re looking for a trip down memory lane why not try the Sarah Kay scene from DMC? It’s from the new range of designs and it’s guarenteed to take you back to your childhood. If you’re looking for some more traditional nostalgia you could opt for the three old-fashioned transport designs from Anchor.

We’ve also got some gorgeous spring treats, such as two funky floral designs framed in a very unusual way, geese playing in an apple orchard, colourful cat cards, birthstone fairies, a linen sampler from Moira Blackburn, traditional Easter cards… the list goes on!

Plus if you’ve ever wanted to learn a little more about speciality threads this issue is for you as we lead you through the plus and minus points for each type of thread.

If that isn’t enough you’ll get a fantastic free gift! The ultimate David&Charles book collection is packed with 62 designs from 11 of your favourite cross stitch books. From fairies to wizards and floral throws to family samplers you’ll love your free book. Plus there’s an exclusive competition, behind the scenes at David&Charles and special book offers – get your copy now!

Create your own cross stitch message in minutes!

I was looking at a few different websites and discovered this little gem that I just had to tell you about…

It’s a website that transforms your choice of name or phrase into a celtic style alphabet for you! All you have to do is type in your chosen words, press the Create New Pattern button and in a few seconds you’ll have a cross stitch chart of your message.

The chart is really simple to read, contains whole stitches only and is black and white so you can be as creative as you like picking your own colours.

Take a look and see what you can create at


Sally, production editor

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Cross stitch epals – are they the future?


I’ve just been looking at some different websites and noticed that many have a section for Epals. We’ve featured penpals in our club section of the magazine for more years than I care to think about and they’ve always been really popular – but is everything going to change now with people going online?

Email is a quicker way of communicating but personally I still like to receive post. Isn’t being able to see someone’s hand writing part of their personality? I had three penals from Slovenia a couple of years ago and we used to write really long letters to each other, and include pictures and little presents, which was lovely. I used to get really excited when I saw I had a new letter.

From Debbie Cripps


For unusual and unique needlework supplies, Kits, buttons, beads, charms and gifts available only ‘from Debbie Cripps’. Free designs, giveaways and competitions too!
Visit ‘from Debbie Cripps’ at


Colourful cross stitch


We’ve all just come back from a stitching trade show where we were given a sneak preview of all the exciting new products that will be coming your way in 2007.

There is some gorgeous new kits coming out and the key this year seems to be colour.

One design that really caught my eye was of a Geisha, which I think look gorgeous anyway, but this one was stitched on a lovely apricot colour fabric, which just made it stand out so much! Look out for this design in our news pages in the next few issues, I think I’ll definitely have to feature it so you can all share the beauty.

I’ve never really thought about how much the colour of fabric you stitch on to can influence a design dramatically – do you have a favourite colour to stitch on to?

Exclusive offer for Cross Stitcher website users


We’ve joined up with Black Sheep Wools to give readers of the Cross Stitcher website a very special offer. You can get all six chart booklets below for just £1.50 each – that’s a massive saving of 70% off the discounted website price!

What to do

Just visit and type in the codes of the chart booklets you want into the search box. When you find them add them to your cart.

Each chart booklet will cost £1.50. You’ll need to spend at least £7.95 (after discount taken off) in total.

When you’ve finished adding to your cart type code 1066 into the box that asks for coupon code and your discount will automatically be taken off. This code is only for Cross Stitcher readers!

Carry on through the checkout to buy your charts.

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Cross Stitcher issue 184

Cross Stitcher issue 184 is on sale now.

The March issue is packed with fresh ideas from Joan Elliott’s gorgeous Renaissance lady, finished of beautifully with beads to Michael Powell’s Pots of Flowers design and Ellen Maurer Stroh’s floral basket.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day you can choose from a pretty in pink sampler, complete with ribbons and buttons or Margaret Sherry’s Mum’s favourite Sayings sampler that’s sure to make your mum giggle.

It’s always nice to learn a new skill and Zoe Patching’s blackwork butterflies are the perfect incentive to get you started on blackwork. As she shows you how to stitch them in classic black threads or for a modern effect using DMC’s Color Variations, you won’t want to miss it.

If that’s not enough there’s a selection of flok art motifs, button cards, an unmissable guide to the best scissors and much more…

PLUS! You’ll receive Cross Stitcher’s biggest ever kit absolutely free. With not one but two cute kitten designs to stitch you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can get to work on it straight away as all materials are included and there’s even a double aperture card to mount the designs in.


Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft issue 150

The March issue of Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft is now on sale, and is packed full of great designs just for you!

We’ve got a fabulous free gift – a complete craft pack with everything you need to make a stylish handbag card.

There’s also an exquisite party dress design from Sue Cook, Mother’s Day cards, an amazing set of floral notecards to make and striking paisley patterns.

Plus there’s lots of new techniques to try and as always we’re packed with great products and giveaways!

Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft issue 150, on sale now!

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Posting problems

Seeveral of you have been commenting that your posts are not appearing on the website (some of you think the comments have been deleted but this is not the case, they haven’t appreaed in the first place.) I had the same problem myself yesterday!

When you post a comment you need to make sure you have answered a maths question under your comment – this device has been put there to make sure there is a human element involved in posting the comment and it isn’t just automated spam. If a maths question isn’t there you’re comments won’t be posted!

If you have any problems, try using a different web browser or email me at


Sally, production editor

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