Cross stitch debate


Well the news about the new look Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft has certainly caused a bit of debate on the blog! There seem to be really mixed opinions, Id’ love to hear what more of you think, and also what it is that has disappointed you about the magazine.

A fleeting glance

Have you seen Jayne Netley Mayhew’s gorgeous big cat designs in issue 183? They come from her lateset book Cross Stitch Safari. Jayne stops by to tell Cross Stitcher a few things about the book and the designs…

“I hope my love of Africa shines out when you look at this book, whether it’s the animals, the people or the land itself.

Every where I look out there I find inspiration, from the smallest blade of grass, seed head and flower. I could have filled this book several times over with designs that are in my head.

The lioness and the leopard designs are classic poses. The lioness is alert and ready to fly after her prey. The way she disappears into the grasses, colours blending perfectly, so the only way to spot her is by a twiching ear. To be in the middle of a lion hunt is amazing, watching them work their way around a herd of impala, carefully and slowly working their way in closer. You don’t even notice the cats that have moved in to block off the escape route of the impala. You hardly dare to breathe, and then with a rush and a gasp it is all over and the lions have succeeded. You feel as if you have ran the race with then and left feeling elated and saddened all at the same time.

The leopard, the highest on the list of animals which you want to see when you are on safari, but one of the most elusive. Always one step in front or behind you. Straining your eyes, as you peer at trees and amongst the shrub and grasses, hoping to spot the a dangling tail or the cat itself. We spent hours looking for them, one time what we thought was a well hidden cat turned out to be a warthog. Another time after spending the afternoon looking for one, coming back to our camp in the evening, to find the baboons making a great racket and very disturbed, then a fleeting glance of the leopard as it left.

This book I think is my favourite of all that I have produced, also being able to have my husband (Ian) taking part in it with his photos, rather than just getting his views on a design.”

Quick&Easy Wine Gift Bag

In the new issue of Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft there’s a great set of projects for the home, including a swish wine gift bag that’s sure to impress! Download a template for it here, along with step-by-step instructions so you can put it together in no time.

Click here to download instructions

Click here to download template

A new look for Quick&Easy



The first new look issue of Quick&Easy – renamed Quick&Easy Stitch&Craft – goes on sale today. If you’ve ever wanted to make your stitching a bit more interesting, or looked at all the gorgeous embellishments papercrafters use and wondered how you could use them to make your stitching look better than ever, then look no further!

We’ve been listening to all the feedback our readers have been giving us, and your new look magazine is full of great new designs, showing you how to combine papercrafting with stitching for amazing effects.  There’s also a fabulous free card kit, with everything you need to make this gorgeous stitched and embellished card (shown on the cover) – fabric, needle, thread, card, patterned papers and more!

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Getting away from it all!


It’s certainly a wet and windy day in Bath today! I always think this is the ideal type of weather to cosy up in your favourite chair with your latest cross stitch project and forget that you ever have to go outside!

At this time of year I love to do projects that remind me of travel – either the holidays I’ve already been on or the places I’d like to go. It’s lovely to just dream as you stitch and it can bring back all the great memories from a favourite holiday too – what could be better than disappearing into your dreams to forget about the horrible weather outside!

What is your favourite thing to stitch at this time of year? Do you like to get away from it all with a travel scene, bring a smile to your face with a bright colour pattern, or do you prefer to stitch something different? I’d love to hear about your favourite winter designs.

Sally, Production editor

Springtime stitching


Well, it’s that dark, blustery, post-Christmas time of year again, and here in the Cross Stitcher office we’re in search of an antidote to the January mood slump. So, we’d love to hear all about your spring stitching plans! Mothers’ Day and Easter might seem like months away, but now is the time to start having ideas!
Drop us a line and tell us how you celebrate the end of winter in stitches. Do you stitch Easter cards? Or make a special sampler for Mum? Is there a springtime chart you’ve seen or stitched that you really love? Snowdrops peeking out of the snow are my all-time favourites!
Let us know, and help us banish the January blues!

Harriet, production assistant



Check out new company for some really unusual kits and products. They’re still quite a new site, so keep going back to find out what new things have been added.

Make a date


Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. It’s hard to believe we’re five days into 2007 already, I think this year is going to fly by!

Have you decided this year is going to be the year to try a big project? Use a new thread? Try a new stitch? I think here at Cross Stitcher we’ve resolved to keep making the magazine even better and include lots more gorgeous new designs this year that you won’t be able to resist.

Have you started using your AstroCats calendar yet? This month you’ll be able to whip up a potion with our scientist cat – I think he’s gorgeous! Don’t forget to visit Coats Crafts UK website as well to enter the competition to win a set of Anchor threads. Remember there will be a winner each month, so even if you don’t win this month, try again in February!

Well happy 2007 to all stitchers

Sally, Production editor

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas from all the team at Cross Stitcher. We hope you have a really lovely day, and that all your time stitching cards and gifts is appreciated!

The Cross Stitcher team

Cross stitch Christmas


Hello there,

I hope you all have the chance to relax with some stitching over the festive season, or at least daydream about some of the things you’d like to stitch in 2007.

An important part of our job is thinking about designs for the magazine. We have inspiration files in the office, with pictures torn out of magazines, cards, wrapping paper, and all sorts of little bits and bobs, however strange or obscure, to give us ideas for designs.

Why not try something similar, and put together a little scrapbook of the sort of stuff you’d like to see in the magazine?

It’s quite a fun project, and if you send it in to us (or send us a photo of your scrapbook if you’d prefer), it will help us to give you the sort of designs you really want to stitch in the coming year. It is your magazine after all!

If you would like to do this, send your pictures to me, Cathy Lewis, at Cross Stitcher magazine, 30 Monmouth St, Bath BA1 2BW, or email images to I’d love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and my very best wishes for 2007



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