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Hello again

More time for cross stitching


Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a nice weekend – surely it was made even better by having three days off! I love bank holidays as they give us even more time to spend stitching. I managed to finish stitching one of the Cross Stitcher projects for a future issue which now looks great! It’s amazing how much backstitch can transform a design.

What are you stitching at the moment?

Top cross stitch designers


Hi there again everyone!

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Cross Stitcher calendar


Hello everyone!

The office was buzzing with excitement when early copies of our October issue arrived – the projects look fantastic, and Margaret Sherry’s AstroCat calendar must be one of our best yet! I love May’s design, and being a true Taurean – I can be very stubborn at times – I think I’ll be starting with that one! Plus he looks uncannily like one of my own cats, Willy, who likes  playing with little animals too! And I’ll definitely be stitching Scorpio’s design for my husband’s birthday – he can be very strong-willed!

Unusual cross stitch


I’ve heard lots of stories recently about unusual examples of cross stitch. As you know, we have three true-life stitchers’ stories in our Club section each issue, so we get lots of letters sent in about extraordinary stitching – like Faye’s designs based on characters from computer games in the current issue. I’ve found an 83-year-old man in America whose stitching made the newspapers, and another man who uses cross stitch charts to create amazing pictures from Lego!

Cross stitch around the world


Hello everyone!

I’ve just come back from a lovely trip to Amsterdam and was amazed to see that wherever you go, cross stitch is never far away. I was wandering around a market in the Jordaan district (it’s full of quirky shops and really interesting to just have a look around) and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a stall with lots of material and table linen. We decided to have a closer inspection and hanging proudly was a gorgeous delft blue table cloth, and how was the pattern stitched? In none other than cross stitches of course! It was so lovely to see, and started me wondering how popular cross stitch is in Holland?

Cross stitch X Factor


Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend? I spent mine gardening (which I love) and then relaxing in front of the telly on Saturday evening watching X Factor. I’ve never seen the early episodes before and it had me laughing hysterically at some of the would-be stars and reduced to tears by the little lad who got too nervous to sing. I thought he’d be the ideal candidate for a bit of relaxing cross stitch – just the thing to calm his nerves, and with a title like X Factor, what could be more appropriate than x-stitch!

Friday news from Quick&Easy


Thanks goodness it’s Friday!

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Cross Stitcher – Dear blog



Having just picked up Bridget Jones’ diary to re-read for the third or fourth time, I thought I’d start today’s blog in true Bridget-style with a few of this week’s confessions!

Cups of tea, 13 – all decaf, so it doesn’t count!
Kit Kats , 4 – v. bad
Miles run, 4 or 5 – v. good – I’m doing a 10k run in a month!
Stitching hours, 3 – note to self, must try harder…

Anyway, back to today.  Sitting in a wet and rainy Bath – no pun intended! – I’m about to start jotting down a few ideas for next year’s tech features, and kit and chart reviews. Coming up with fresh and inspiring tech features is an important part of the mag, and we’re constantly looking for new ideas. Which is where you come in. 

Quick&Easy – how quick do you stitch?


I’ve been thinking recently about the time I take to complete each piece of stitching I do. I have some pieces that I’ve been working on for so long it will seem strange when they’re done – other things always crop up, and somehow they just get set aside. The other day I found a diary from five years ago in which I’d talked about buying a kit of a wizard – I’m still only halfway through that one! Bit by bit though, I will get it finished…

On the other hand, there’s stitching I have to really work at, and get finished as soon as possible. The pieces I do for Quick&Easy obviously have very strict deadlines, but like every stitcher I’ve also got Christmas presents, birthday presents, wedding presents… Things you start and know have to be finished in a few weeks. I really love the sense of achievement you get when you see something grow in front of your eyes every day, as it goes from that first loop knot to the last bit of backstitch. I’m part of a stitching group here and we meet up every week and get to see how far everyone’s got with their work – it’s great to see designs appear in front of your eyes from one week to the next.

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